“Is this proper travelling?”


How does a series turn into a film and then another film and keep the funny alive? The 2nd film in a journey that saw 3 highly successful tv series from the BBC, sees our titular heroes journey to Australia and chaos ensues.


Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas return as Will, Jay, Neil and Simon, three years after the first film; Will and Simon now at University, Neil working in a bank and Jay is in Australia, claiming he has the place locked down so, bored, the three decide to surprise him with a visit.

Sure, this film is puerile and trades in scatalogica and bodily fluids which are usually cheap ways to get a laugh, but where writers/directors Damon Beesley and Iain Morris come out on top is the brilliant chemistry the four boys have combined with the very funny script. The comic timing is key and the boys deliver in spades.

Emily Berrington is on tease duties as a beautiful, entitled, public school girl who Will bumps into and ends up following around Oz. Freddie Stroma plays the trustafarian with aplomb, making him the perfect antagonist for Will.

There was a moment where the four are in the outback and I had a flash of Mick from Wolf Creek turning up and thought how much I’d be up for the four getting trapped by him and being scared shitless before getting the better of the serial killing bastard. I would definitely watch that.
“The Inbetweeners go to Wolf Creek”. C’mon, surely they can make that happen. That would be a mash-up I’d see.

I laughed out loud a lot during this film, a lot more than the spate of American comedy films of late. This is a film for the fans, but you could easily watch it without having seen any of the previous series or film and you are more than likely have a lot of fun.

Whether you’re a convert or new recruit you’ll enjoy this if you’re up for a laugh.




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