This indie comedy film forces two estranged brothers to spend some time together after their father dies and leaves them a lake house.

James Pumphrey and Alex Rennie (who is also the screenwriter with director Todd Sklar) play the brothers and have a great chemistry, arguing, fighting, and lying like they have real history. Christopher Meloni (Keller from Oz) amusingly plays their father’s ex business partner and lets rip with a very silly voice and hair-style. Brett Gelman also has a great time playing a Russian heavy.

The escalation into brotherly scuffling comes quick and natural and is initially quite funny but after a while it gets a little tired.
This film has a lot of potential and a lot of the credit should go to the two actors who riff off each other with ease. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite live up to its expectations.
What could have been a classic was merely a film that was probably made 10 years too late.
Tonally, it shares sensibilities with Napoleon Dynamite and Swingers but fails to reach their comedy heights. What a shame.
Still there’s some comedy in there and is entertaining enough.
Was it “Explosively funny”? Not really, but there were a few laughs in there.
Hats off to them for making this on such a low budget, anyone who can get a film off the ground and finish it deserves, at the very least, some credit, fair play.




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