Based on the book The Scorpion’s Sweet Poison by Raquel Pacheco, this Brazilian film directed by Marcus Baldini and starring Deborah Secco is the true story of a prostitute in Brazil who started writing a blog about her exploits and became a bestselling author because of it.

She takes on her working name, Bruna and then calls herself Bruna Surfistinha (Bruna, Surfer Girl) and creates this persona that allows her to be adulated.

Ultimately, it’s about a young girl who is desperate to be loved, noticed and dependant on no-one.

Deborah Secco takes herself and us through the gamut of experience and emotional drainage of being a prostitute and she really commits to it, but I don’t think I liked or empathize with the character enough to really care.

I was vaguely interested. The storytelling wasn’t that inspired or innovative, quite what you might expect of a story of this subject matter. It takes us through the highs and lows of her experience but one always feels like an outsider as opposed to being right there feeling the pain with her.

I had higher hopes, it being Brazilian for a start but all in all an average flick.



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