Vincent Chase is a huge movie star and when offered the lead in a new film he demands directing duties as well causing many problems for him and his friends.

Doug Ellin ties up the journey that was the HBO series, bringing to an end the journey of Vinny and his mates Eric, Turtle and Drama and Vinny’s agent, Ari Gold in Hollywood.

In 2004, Ellin released the first series of Entourage on HBO; an entertaining look at the world of four young friends from Queens, New York chronicling the rising movie star that is Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) in Hollywood, Los Angeles and his three childhood friends, Eric (Kevin Connolly), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase (Kevin Dillon), Vincent’s actor brother.
It was new and refreshing, taking a leaf out of The Larry Sanders Show by having various actors and directors playing ‘themselves’ (really a chance for them to subvert their public persona and have a little or a lottle fun).

Over the eight seasons the quality varied, characters didn’t always grow and develop and the stories became a little repetitive at times but it was mostly highly entertaining. The last series was a bit disappointing, fizzling out and tying up loose ends and now there is a film. Warranted? Hmm, not sure. I would rather watch this than a bunch of usual fare from HollyWould; it is basically four episodes of the series made into one story and it is fun and enjoyable, albeit treading the same ground it has already done. It is not the best thing since sliced but it does what it says on the tin.

There are cameos aplenty from new and previously seen stars during the eight season run and some of these work better than others. Producer Mark Wahlberg pops up with his own Entourage, the original premise of the show being loosely based on his own experiences as a movie star in LaLa land. New recruits Billy Bob Thornton (excellent as usual) and Haley Joel Osment play father and son money men bankrolling the film that Vinny is starring in and directing and take a lot of delight making trouble for our hero and his merry men. Scott Mescudi (Kid Cudi) plays Ari’s new assistant Allen and is given short shrift with a role that could have been meatier. Regular guests Gary Busey and Bob Saget play severely twisted versions of themselves in some very funny scenes.

See it if you are a fan, otherwise wide berth it.




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