Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig, two very funny comedians, come together to star as estranged twins in this dark comedy drama. Although the emphasis is on drama, it’s really not their usual fare and I welcome it.

Having not spoken for 10 years, Milo and Maggie Dean (Hader and Wiig) are reunited when a failed suicide brings them back together. They get reacquainted and realise, even with the difficulties between them, that they are stronger and better together.

Suicide, infidelity, a desperate longing for an old love, plain old unhappiness and dissatisfaction with the lot life has given them is rife in the twins’ world and their relationships with their parents plays a big role.

This film does not break the bank of innovation but remains a charming, heartfelt indie film. Craig Johnson direct his second feature and wrote it with Mark Heyman who also wrote the screenplay for Black Swan. The brothers Duplass, Mark and Jay, were on board as executive producers.

It must be said that Hader and Wiig show great dramatic chops and I’m sure we’ll see more of them given a chance to do more. Support comes in the form of Luke Wilson and Ty Burrell, both creating interesting roles. Joanna Gleason is suitably spiky and passive aggressive as the mother of the twins.

This gentle, intimate film is worth a look, not too long and great if you like the actors, who both do a great job.




2 thoughts on “THE SKELETON TWINS (2014)

    • I just read your review of the Wiig film, Girl Most Likely (nice writing btw), I’ll be giving that one a miss. Did you see Welcome To Me? The tone is slightly off and it’s a 3 star film at most but Wiig is great in it.

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