The one-man show is not usually translated onto screen so well; one usually misses the nuance that you get in the live theatre. This is not one of those.

John Leguizamo is an actor who manages, without fail, to put a smile to my face. He always brings something interesting to the table and consequently if his name is on the list, I’m coming in.

Here he strips himself and his family bare and cathartically entertains us with his story.
You find out that he did several one-man shows in New York years ago and it is clearly where he has the most fun. He dubs himself a clown, an artist who loves to play and this is where his greatest strength lies and he runs gleefully with it.

The show is tempered with moments of truth and pathos and is thoroughly entertaining.
It asks the question-What is happiness and how does one find it? It is an individual struggle, each subject having different criteria for attaining such an ephemeral emotion.

Directed by actor/director Fisher Stevens,last seen in the wonderful The Grand Budapest Hotel, here he translates the stage play onto screen with deftness and imagination.



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