I like Lake Bell. What can I say? I pretty much fell in crush with her in How to Make it in America, HBO’s brilliant look at 20 somethings in New York.
Such a shame it got cancelled after 2 very well put together seasons.

Since then I have devoutly watched her in Children’s Hospital and here in her directorial debut she calls on some of the C.H. alumni. The ever brilliant Ken Marino gets a juicy part that he sinks his comedic teeth into and Rob Corddry gets to have an emotional journey and Nick Offerman supports with his usual brand of off-beatedness.

“In A World where actors with distinctive voices get to tease you with their dulcet tones and tempt you into watching whatever trailer they are voicing, one woman stands out from the male-dominated industry to attempt to change the way voice-overs are heard.”

The film starts off with real life clips of the late Don LaFontaine, the coiner of “In a World…..” and brings you into this world with a deftness and light comedic touch.

The film falters a couple of times with slight plot contrivances but all in all a charming film with something to say about the male-dominated voice over industry, cleverly pitching father against daughter.
This indie comedy is a nice little look at the struggles of a young woman trying to find her voice and place in this kooky world.




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