This average cartoon comedy has a few upsides to it but ultimately is not going to change your life.

I ended up watching this as many, many people had told me it was worth a look. I disagree.
Even if you are a child and will probably be entertained by this it isn’t doing anything new or innovative, it’s not even really telling an old story well.

There were very few laughs in it and that’s an indicator of something amiss in a cartoon film ostensibly aimed at kids but the marketing department clearly aimed to grab a piece of the Pixar market. The reason Pixar has done so well for so long is mainly their scripts, filled with humanity, whip-smart humour, pathos and character. Here, not so much.

Everybody does their jobs well in the voice dept and the animation is a-iight but average it is and average it will stay as long as the script isn’t up to the job in hand.
When you compare it to Wreck-It-Ralph as far as jokes/character/story etc it is way behind in quality.

I love a well told story, I don’t care what genre it is, as genre is only really there for the marketing departments and has little to do with one’s actual enjoyment of the film, so cartoon, horror, romance, war, blah, blah, blah.
It means little to me.
So I will see at a lot of different types of film from all over the world like a cinema archaeologist rummaging around in the emporium of film to hopefully discover the next exciting story. I’m not a hater. If something is not up to scratch, I will say something.

There I’ve said it; Despicable Me is really not that good. Sorry.




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