I recently watched La Grande Bellezza by Paolo Sorrentino and was blown away.

I had been recently thinking about why I hadn’t seen any decent films coming out of Italy, it’s probably because I hadn’t seen any Italian films but this is not for lack of want.
If anyone has any recent recommendations, chuck em my way please.

Spending 2 hours in the company of Tony Servillo is like drinking a very good vintage. Smooth, deep and full of flavour and expression. All contained in one bottle, not spilling out but contained.
He does this very well and I love watching him.

I’m not going to get into the story, that’s half the fun, Paolo’s films seem to not be about a neatly tied up topic rather an truthful rendition of someone’s story at a certain point in their lives.

This is another beautiful film in which Paolo shows his love of music, people, Italy, mise en scene and stillness/space.
I love the fact that Servillo’s Titta La Girolamo takes his time in everything, answering questions, moving places, speaking in general, like he says “I am not a frivolous man”.

A stunning look at a man for whom life has become a prison of sorts and the consequences of allowing oneself to feel love again. Just beautiful. Sorrentino is becoming one of my favourite directors.




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